Suryanamaskar and Its benefits

Suryanamaskar is a salutation to the sun. From long time and in many traditions people were offering prayers in different ways to the sun – the life source of this planet. In yogic tradition we call it suryanamaskar. It typically combines physical postures with a specific breathing pattern and healing sound vibration of mantras. This combination has a very profound effect on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self.

The main essence of suryanamakar is to keep our energy system in tune with the sun. Due to very compulsive nature of the body, it is very difficult for people to reach higher energy levels. Being in tune with the solar cycle is an important part of balance and receptivity a means of taking the body to the point where it is no longer a hurdle. One solar cycle lasts for little more than twelve years and for the same reason the suryanamaskar has been structured with twelve postures in it. When your system is in tune with sun who is the life source of this whole planet, you will be able to feel unimaginable energy inside you.

Suryanamaskar is composed of three elements viz. form, energy and rhythm. When you practice with proper breathing, it stimulates prana, the subtle energy which activates psychic body. Basic breathing pattern followed is inhalation during backward bending posture with expansion of the chest and exhalation with forward bending postures in accordance with contraction of the chest and abdomen.

Suryanamaskar can be practiced during any time of the day. But if you practice during sun rise time exposing yourself to sun, the benefits are more.

The general benefits of suryanamaskar:

  • Regular practice of suryanamaskar will help in releasing vital energy for the development of higher awareness
  • It also serves as warm up and toning exercise and its considered as the best form of all the yoga postures.
  • The one who performs the suryanamaskar daily will have increased strength and vigor and will be free from all the diseases.
  • Gives profound stretch to whole body and interacts with the physical organs of the body directly by applying pressure, massage and stretch, toning up and supporting internal tissue structures.
  • Stimulates the nervous system and improves the flow of blood. Oxygen content in the blood increases due to increased respiratory activity
  • Aids and speeds up elimination of wastes from the body and facilitates supply of fresh nutrients to the cells.
  • Digestive system gets toned. Increases digestive fire enabling a healthy appetite and complete digestion absorption and assimilation of food
  • Many skin diseases caused by buildup of toxins like eczema, pimples etc will be relived
  • Body gets abundant supply of vitamin D when practiced exposing the body to the sun.
  • Spinal column gets systematically & optimally stretched and circulation to the whole spinal column increases.
  • Endocrine glands are benefitted. Hormone secretion is normalized.
  • Improves the growth of the body by stimulating hypothalamus which regulates pituitary gland functions
  • Activates pancreas during backward bending postures and maintains normal blood sugar levels.
  • Enhances the size of the solar plexus. This, in turn, increases your creativity, intuitive abilities by activating pineal gland.