Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga

Why Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga

Pregnancy is that phase in every woman’s life where she has the gift to nurture another human being inside her. It is also a very crucial phase where the mom to be needs to be regular with her exercise for delivering a healthy baby.

The most beneficial of all the childbirth exercises is the prenatal yoga that helps the would be mother to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit. With main emphasis on toning your muscles, improving flexibility, balance and improving circulation it also does does wonders to help stay calm and relaxed during labor, birth and new motherhood through a set of breathing exercises and meditation techniques. Apart from these benefits, Prenatal Yoga also helps you to meet and bond with other pregnant women that in turn proves beneficial to handle the stress of a new parent.

Pre Natal Post Natal Yoga Classes

Our program is designed not only for the pregnant women but also for women who gave birth and are in their post-natal period. A lot of women suffer from post-pregnancy complications like postpartum depression, weight gain, hormonal imbalance etc so this program helps them overcome these issues through regular yogic practices.

Benefits of Pre-natal yoga

  1. Improves the strength, flexibility and toning of muscles specially pelvic region for ease of childbirth.
  2. Better blood circulation so less water retention
  3. Decreases lower back pain, nausea, shortness of breath and headaches.
  4. Improves sleep
  5. Reduces anxiety and stress
Benefits of Pre-natal yoga

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