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Why Corporate Yoga

Employee wellness and health programs are a must for corporates considering a high number of lifestyle diseases and stress prevalent in today’s time. Optum report 2016 stated that 46% of Indian workforce suffers from stress related issues while 43% have diabetic risk and another 30% have diabetic risk. These are alarming numbers which are further going to worsen if any corrective action is not taken NOW.

Workplace wellness programs should be a part of the overall company startegy for a healthy workforce. Corporates who are committed to promoting work/life balance through yoga as a means, tend to keep their employees motivated, healthy and productive. Yoga is a perfect exercise that strengthens both mind and body thereby reducing fatigue and increasing energy levels. It is a practise that can be done with very little space (sometimes at employees desk), minimal equipment and an avoidable wardrobe change in a desk format.

Benefits of corporate yoga:

Reduces stress: Due to hectic work hours, deadlines, unachieved targets employees are under tremendous stress and anxiety. Focused breathing exercises helps in combating stress thus increasing concentration.

Enhances work performance: As the stress levels decrease through pranayam and meditation, productivity increases many folds.

Rejuvenate office environment: Work becomes fun for the employees which in turn creates an atmosphere of relaxation and joy. Employees create more bond and better relationships with thier co-workers through group classes.

Less absentees and more efficiency: Practising yoga daily boosts employees immune system making them more energetic and efficient. They get less ill thus saving a lot on company healthcare.

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