Loose weight Naturally: 90 days guaranteed weight loss through Yoga and Ayurveda

Is being overweight the biggest hurdle of your life? Trying to lose those extra kilos giving you sleepless nights? If yes, then Sohum Yoga is there to help you.

This extensive 90 days weight loss programme through Yoga and Ayurveda has been designed to loose weight easily by practising just 60 minutes a day for 5 times a week. Yoga and Ayurveda are scientific processes which offers simple natural procedures that help balance your mind and body thus increasing your metabolism which help assist in weight loss in a healthy way.

The complete program is divided into 12 weeks of separate schedules. Each week consists of different practices and systematic diet plan which help burn calories, reignite your metabolism and shed those extra inches. Regular yoga practise followed by a healthy diet can effectively help you loose 1 to 3 kilos per month. In this programme apart from the asanas and poses we will provide a diet chart that needs to be rigorously followed to eventually show the results.

Complete programme has been designed by our inhouse Yoga and Ayurveda Doctors that have seen great results after trying with several people.

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Program highlights

Yoga and Ayurveda divided the primary aspects of our wellness into the physical and mental. Ayurveda covered the physical aspects and yogic scriptures expounded the mental aspects. The four key physical ones are – Panchaboota (the five elements), sapta-dhatu(the seven tissues), tri-dosha (the three humours) and Chastush-agni (the four fires). The four key mental aspects are – Pancha Kosha (the five sheaths), tri-guna (the three mental states), tri-kaya (the three bodies) and dasavayu (the ten energies).

Whether you want to lose or gain weight, whether you want to look younger or be more virile, remain free of diseases and afflictions or just be physically stronger, yoga and Ayurveda is the perfect combination to get your desired results

Physical Cleansing

Ayurveda understood five thousand years ago that the body is a vessel. It must be clean to protect its substance. Physical cleansing comprises a set of Ayurvedic and Yogic exercises like Kunjala, Netito keep your system squeaky clean and free of obstructions. It is a method of detoxification. These exercises strengthen the vital energy channels, gastrointestinal system and the seven dhatus.

Physical Cleansing
Respiratory Cleansing

Respiratory Cleansing

Respiratory Cleansing purifies your entire body. It consists of simple but powerful breathing techniques which strengthens your respiratory system, nervous system and your whole body. It pacifies the three doshas and strengthens the seven dhatus. It flushes your lungs and blood with fresh and abundant oxygen, boosting your immune system and improving your overall well-being.

Mental detoxification

Most people carry enormous baggage of negative and suppressed emotions, thoughts, expectations and grudges. These will change their thinking patterns which are at the core of automatic responses and habits. Meditation is one of the finest methods of mental detoxification. It is the art of understanding, stilling and calming your mind. It helps you realize the full potential of your capabilities and puts you in control of your thoughts and emotions.

Mental Detoxification
Strengthening Balancing

Strengthening and balancing

Yogic postures (Asanas) are perfect tools to strengthen and balance your entire system. Intense practice of set of postures helps in strengthening your cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, digestive system and bringing nervous and hormonal balance. Mindful practice of postures in synch with breath (prana) creates mental and emotional balance along with enormous spiritual benefits.

Sattvic diet

Created from the word sattva, food full of goodness is called Sattvic. The bhavadgita lists the ten charecteristics of sattvic food. Sattvic food supports the seven dhatus and pacifies three doshas in our body by providing nutrition at each of the four stages of the foods processing by the body. Due to its natural tendency of light and goodness, it strengthens body, boosts our physical health and calms the mind. Further it promotes overall well-being and ensures longevity.

Sattvic Diet

What you can expect at the end of the program?

A committed person will surely see great results at the end of the program if one follows the given instructions properly. A complete transformation in terms of physical health, along with mental and emotional stability.